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I certify that the information given above is correct, and I further declare that I am not prohibited from possessing or using firearms in accordance with the Firearms Control Act, Act 60 of 2000. I have read and agree to the terms and conditions as set out within the rules and regulations, the code of conduct and the constitution of the SASRFSA as found on www.sasrfsa.co.za. If accepted, I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the SASRFSA and I give my consent for the SASRFSA and/or its representative to hold, process, or disclose any data considered relevant to my application (and if accepted, membership) I understand my membership fees must be fully paid-up in order for my scores to count towards the rankings. I also understand and agree that the geographic borderlines of my residential address will determine the region which I will register to and represent during competitions.

Note: The Committee reserves the right to refuse membership and is under no obligation to give reasons, nor do applicants have the right of appeal when membership is refused. Membership may be terminated for a breach of the SASRFSA's rules.

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