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SASRFSA Disciplinary Action and Procedures

The South African Small Rifle Field Shooting Association – hereafter called SASRFSA


Small Rifle Field shooting is a sport in every sense of the word, it is practiced with rifles, and while we expect our sportsmen and - women to be highly competitive, we also expect them to display discipline and moral and ethical behaviour that is beyond reproach.

It may sometimes be required to follow the disciplinary action and the associated procedures to solve issues such as:

a. Dangerous, Negligent, Abusive and Unsportsmanlike Behaviour
b. Dishonesty
c. Failure to Obey Lawful instructions

Disciplinary Action and Procedures due to the abovementioned offences will result in:

Type of penalty

a. Suspension - a period of between six months to five years
b. Expulsion - total ban from the association
c. A Fine - penalty amount from R1000.00 - R10 000.00
d. A Written Warning

Disciplinary Action

The disciplinary action shall be conducted subject to the Rules and Regulations and the Code of Conduct of the SASRFSA and in the context of firearm safety, good sportsmanship, good comradeship, preventing unacceptable behaviour and within the principles of respect of the sport.

Disciplinary action shall furthermore comply with the Rules of Natural Justice and in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.

Laying a charge

Any member wishing to lay a charge against another member in terms of the Code of Conduct or the Rules and Regulations of the SASRFSA may do so by recording the incident in writing and sending it to the President of the Association. The complaint must contain details of the incident giving rise to the complaint; the date; place and time thereof and must in general contain all information which may be useful to the disciplinary committee of SASRFSA in dealing with the matter. This complaint must reach the President no later than seven calendar days from the date of the incident.

The Disciplinary Committee

On receiving the written complaint the President of the Association must within 48 hours after receiving the complaint bring same to the attention of the Executive Committee of SASRFSA.

The Disciplinary Committee shall be appointed by the President and shall consist of three Members, all of whom shall be members of the Committee of the Association.

The President shall appoint one of the appointed members to act as Chairperson and the President shall not be a Member of the Disciplinary Committee. The President of the Association shall deal and decide with any appeals against a ruling or decision of the Disciplinary Committee.

The Disciplinary Committee will be authorised to deal with all matters regarding the disciplinary process.


The Chairperson of the Disciplinary Committee shall within seven days from date of their appointment, notify the member of the complaint in writing of the disciplinary action and the charges against him within seven days after the decision was taken to initiate a disciplinary process (charge) against the member.

The Notice informing the Member of the proposed disciplinary action shall contain the following information:

1. A copy of the complaint as received from the Person/Member who lodged the complaint;
2. The names of the Disciplinary Committee and the person who shall act as Chairperson;
3. A pro forma provisional charge sheet setting out the formal charge against him/her; requesting the Member to Respond to the charge as set out in this document.

Upon receipt of the Complaint and Documents set out above, the offending Member may within seven days make a representation in writing to the Disciplinary Committee, setting out his response and his version of events.

The Disciplinary Committee shall within 5 days from receipt of the representation by the accused, or the expiry of the aforesaid seven-day period within which the accused had to respond, decide whether-

(a) The seriousness of the charge warrants further Disciplinary Action (in which case a final charge sheet setting out the charges, shall be formulated);
(b) The charges against the accused should be rejected; or
(c) The Disciplinary Proceedings can be concluded by issuing a warning against the accused, if the alleged offence does not warrant further Disciplinary Action.

4. The accused shall within three days be informed of the Disciplinary Committee's decision. In the event that a hearing will follow, the accused shall at the same time be supplied with a final charge sheet setting out the charges against him and the date; time and venue of the hearing, which shall not be less than seven days after the date of the notice.

The hearing

1. All three members of the Disciplinary Committee must be in attendance at the disciplinary hearing as well as all other parties involved.
2. All members of the Disciplinary Committee shall have 1 (one) vote.
3. Minutes must be kept of the Hearing.
4. The charges against the accused must be explained to him by the Chairperson of the Disciplinary Committee.
5. The nature of the Disciplinary Proceedings shall be inquisitory in nature and there shall therefore be no prosecutor.
6. The Complainant shall first be required to state his complaint and may call such witnesses as he may deem fit.
7. The accused shall after that represent his defence and call such witnesses as he may deem fit.
8. The Disciplinary Committee may call such further witnesses as what they may regard as being necessary to investigate the matter and/or to come to a decision.
9. Any witnesses called by the parties and/or the Disciplinary Committee, may be questioned by the Committee and the other parties.
10. With the process being inquisitory in nature, the members of the Disciplinary Committee may ask such question as what they may regard necessary to investigate the charges.
11. No legal representation shall be allowed on behalf of any of the parties or the Disciplinary Committee.
12. The cost and expenses of the witnesses will be for the account of the party calling such witness.
13. The cost and expenses of the witnesses called by the Disciplinary Committee shall be for the account of the Association.

After the hearing

1. Following the hearing, the Disciplinary Committee shall have a maximum of two days from the date of the hearing, to reach a decision.
2. The Deliberations of the Disciplinary Committee shall be done in camera and any decisions shall be taken by way of a majority vote.
3. All parties shall immediately be informed in writing of the Disciplinary Committee’s decision.


The decision of the Disciplinary Committee may be taken on appeal as follows:

a. A written submission must be made by the accused to the President of the Association within seven days of the decision being communicated in writing to the accused.
b. The President must convene the Disciplinary Committee within a further seven days of receiving this notice of appeal. He/she must then establish to his/her satisfaction the reasons for the decision. He/she must then either:

a. Up hold the decision
b. Set aside the decision
c. Modify the decision to some lesser penalty considered appropriate.

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